Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

It was my turn to host our weekly cooperative Preschool in the Woods. Arts & crafts was always my favorite part of school, so I figure no session I host will be complete without one. I found a great basic, preschooler-friendly craft for our Thanksgiving themed weekly cooperative Preschool In The Woods. The template is available here:

Our meetings take place outside, unless there is substantial weather. When I host, we usually gather around our fire pit for opening circle. We began with our hello song, then read Ten Fat Turkeys, by Tony Johnston. We had to get up and do the Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble noodle dance with each count, so this got the kids pretty fired up. Then we talked about what Thanksgiving means, and read This First Thanksgiving Day. After that, I showed the sample turkey (below) and explained that we were going to make our own turkeys. With a little bit of parent help, each of the kids got to select their leaves and their turkey pieces (we practiced counting wherever appropriate) and assemble them in their own way.

Instead of printing out the template on white paper, I printed one on scrap paper and cut the pieces using a brown paper grocery sack, a newspaper, and some leftover scrapbooking paper. Here are the circular body pieces cut using paper sack, and the acrylic paint pens used for drawing the eyes:

I pre-painted the turkey head pieces with eyes using white and black acrylic paint pens to make it a little simpler as well.  I tried to give them nervous expressions by putting the pupils a little to the left or right.

Using craft glue to attach the feet to my sample turkey (the kids got to put their pieces on whichever way they liked):

The neck/heads were cut from a piece of scrapbooking paper, and I used newspaper for the gobbles and feet. I also found a piece of gold crinkle paper for the beaks.

The kids collected leaves from the woods to complete the craft. Here’s my sample turkey, which I used to show the other parents where we were going with the craft:

No craft complete without glitter! Here the kids used glitter pens to decorate their individual turkeys. These were some of my favorites:


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