Are your bulbs peeking up yet?

Daffodils are one of my favorite “lazy gardener” bulbs, because you put them in once and enjoy them more every year as the patches expand. They’re even more useful in my garden because the deer won’t eat them.

This year, a neighbor gave me a large plastic grocery bag full of bulbs from his garden that were unsold after the big community Barn Sale in July. I’d put them in the garage and forgotten about them, but when I went looking for Halloween decorations in early October, I came across them again. Some of them had already started sprouting in the bag, which is partly why these are so early.

Helen and I quickly planted them in groups all around the yard, wherever I had spots that were particularly sad-looking in January and February. These little shoots are in my full shade border (which gets 1-2 hours of full morning light, with shade the rest of the day), and they’re about 4-5″ tall now. They’ll probably be ready to bloom around the first or second week of January.

Are you seeing your daffodils peek up yet?


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