Nuke those redwood shoots!

Too many little baby redwoods where I want my garden to be! This is a sheet mulching experiment to see if I can eliminate these baby redwood root suckers from my full-sun border. I’ve placed a large, flattened appliance box over the area. The cardboard is large enough to extend at least 12″ past the area I’m trying to address on all sides. I’ve added about 6″ of partially finished homemade redwood compost on top of the cardboard.

I’ll add more cardboard around this, overlapping sheets by at least 4-6″. We’ll check back in about 6-8 weeks to see how this is doing. This rainy weather is the perfect time to build dirt!


2 thoughts on “Nuke those redwood shoots!”

    1. It has worked very well in some areas, and in others the shoots have eventually come through. It seems to have slowed them down quite a bit, though. The cardboard decomposes *really* quickly, because the soil organisms LOVE the adhesive and the little pockets of air promote circulation. Someone mentioned that many sheets of wet newspaper (like a whole section) actually take longer to decompose because there’s no air. So I’d like to try to sheet mulch the problem areas again with thick mats of wet newspaper and see if I can really knock them out this time. I’ll try to post some follow up photos of a few of the areas where I did the sheet mulching with cardboard.

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