Hunting for dinosaurs at Pescadero Beach!

After being cooped up in the house so much, between holiday activities and the stormy weather, we decided to take advantage of a break in the clouds to go hunting for dinosaur bones!

Pescadero beach has a couple of different parking areas; I had always used the obvious one, just across the intersection from Pescadero Creek Road. It seems like there are always school buses parked in the next lot north, though, and long trailing groups of grade schoolers trickling along the edge of the highway. This time, I wanted to find out where they were going! Punk and I decided to investigate, so we brought our magnifying bucket and binoculars.

Once we got down to the beach, we found a giant flock of seagulls playing in the water. The Pescadero marsh empties out into the ocean here. There are some interpretive signs about the fish, but we didn’t see any. We did meet some hopeful fishermen. We also found a bunch of great logs for balancing on, some interesting rocks, and several pieces of seaweed to examine in our magnifying bucket.

Finally, we found some tracks! Would we find dinosaurs, just like in Punk’s favorite books?

We passed this interesting composition, a natural formation that makes me think of the moon windows in Japanese gardens:

We turned back east, to follow the tracks under Highway 1 and explore more of the marsh side. The bridge is really high up from here, and creates an amazing sort of urban frame for such a natural scene. In fact, it looks just about as tall as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Punk’s favorite. Would he have had to duck?

Once we examined them closely, we realized the tracks must be the pattern of the shallow tidewater receding across the sand. There were some amazing formations that looked like they might be giant dinosaur bones, but once we were close enough to climb up on them and check them out, we determined that they were probably old logs.

I just loved the color pattern on this log, I think it would make a gorgeous fabric. The wood is so weathered, it’s shiny like taffeta:

We had to make some sand angels, too. Unfortunately, we also found some trash and random junk. This old soccer ball was waiting for someone to play with it!


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