Who’s Growing Your Food?

One of the most enjoyable things about living out in the boonies is getting to know your neighbors. Coming from a neighborhood where many of the people around us were in the technology industry, it has been amazing to get to know people who grow things for a living. Actual, real things. Honest-to-goodness food.

We were at Troutmere over Father’s Day weekend and I overheard one of the owners explaining to one of the kids that the different types of chickens lay different colored eggs. It made me think back to our former lives, living In the Big City, when we thought eggs only came in white or brown. There is something wonderful about opening up a well-circulated carton of eggs (each of those store-bought cartons gets collected and re-used numerous times) and looking at the rainbow of white, green and brown eggs in every shade.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, lovely readers, it’s possible that some of your food begins its life out here on the San Mateo coast. And if it doesn’t, I ask you, why not? So I think this will be the first in an occasional series of posts introducing you to some of my neighbors who are growing what could be *your* food. I hope it is–I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to be an artichoke. Or a chicken.

On my latest trip to the Bookmobile with Miss Thing, I picked up a quick read called Farmer Jane: Women Changing The Way We Eat:

Nancy Vail at Pie Ranch is featured, as well as Jesse Z. Cool, the owner of Flea Street Cafe and JZ Cool Eatery in Menlo Park. The book is laid out in six chapters, with little bite-sized 3-4 page summaries of each featured person–great for those of us who get interrupted all the time. Each chapter is ends with a listing of “Recipes for Action” with bullet points for the “Eater” the “Farmer” and the “Food Business” (if you’re thinking about getting into that sort of thing.) I love bullet points. They make me feel like I can accomplish something. And if I can make a difference in my world *while eating*, it’s the best sort of multi-tasking ever. I also learned where the trendy foodie word “locavore” came from.


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