Garden log

We’re finally getting some really gorgeous, hot weather. Even though installing my vegetable garden–and learning WordPress–is still a work in progress, I’ll start logging my harvest for any other garden geeks out there wonky enough to be interested.

Today’s harvest:

Cucumber: 7.6 oz

Sun Gold Tomatoes: 1.6 oz.


Beets, Chioggia (Victory Seed Company)

Kale, Lacinato (Renee’s Garden)

Pea, Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers Garden Pea (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)

Planted 8/24:

Arugula, Italian (Renee’s)

Blackberry, Black Satin

Carrots, Babette French baby (Renee’s Garden)

Dill, Leafy (Renee’s)

Grape, Thompson seedless (currently losing its leaves)

Leeks, Primor French Baby (Renee’s)

Mache, Gala (Renee’s)

Strawberries, several varieties

Sweet Peas, Beaujolais and Old Spice Mix (Baker Creek Heirloom)

Tomato, Green Zebra (looking strangely droopy, still hasn’t produced any tomatoes)

Tomato, San Francisco Fog (looks great, produced one ripe tomato about two weeks ago. Several more may ripen soon)


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