Late Night Yogurt

Some people have fancy yogurt-makers, some people (I learned recently) have a method for curing theirs in a paper bag on their sunny back porch. I like to make mine in my big enameled iron pot. The milk is raw, straight from one of the Happiest Cows on the Planet, at Markegard Grassfed. She spends her days eating grass from a cliff
overlooking the Pacific ocean. I thank my cow every time I take a creamy, tangy bite of my delicious yogurt. Perhaps I’ll interview her for a future post!

Raw milk is, surprisingly, somewhat controversial in the states. For the purposes of making yogurt, it isn’t particularly relevant because the first thing to do is to raise
the temperature to a bacteria-killing 180 degrees anyway.
Once it’s at 180 degrees for a minute or so, I place the pot in a cold water bath to bring the temperature back down to 120, stirring frequently. Then I mix 1/4 cup of the hot milk with 1/4 cup of Strauss Family Farms yogurt or a previous batch of my own, and pour it around the pot. Stir it for a minute or so, then pour it off into every collected jar you have. I have a VERY small kitchen in a VERY small house, which you might have guessed by the fact that I only have one large pot, so I put all the jars on a rimmed Airbake cookie sheet and stick it in the oven. If it’s cool out, I might pre-warm the oven, but by the time the yogurt goes
In it should be OFF and no warmer than a really warm day. If it is, you’ll end up with strangely cheesy yogurt. Which you can strain and make a delicious Greek-yogurt style thick, creamy topping for chili or potatoes or whatever. But assuming your yogurt doesn’t get overheated, after 6-8 hours you should have a fabulous result. I always make yogurt late at night, so it’s ready to refrigerate in the morning.




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