Garden log

Why hasn’t this pathetically lazy blogger posted her latest garden harvest stats? She hardly has anything better to do with her time than measure her tomato crop by the half ounce!

Actually, it’s because the deer pushed over my wimpy netting fence and sheared off whatever was closest, which included my black hollyhocks, which still aren’t even threatening to bloom. Here’s what the poor thing looked like when I found it:

Fortunately, they didn’t get the basil or my tiny precious sprouting bean bushes.

So I was still able to harvest about 6 cups of basil to make pesto, but not much else. I think the Cinderella pumpkin vine is at least 12′ long and is about to take over the garden, but the pumpkins themselves are still only the size of a baby’s fist.

As soon as I find something to harvest, I’ll start recording again. My house being so small, blogging has the perfect physical footprint size for all my garden records! Hopefully, as time passes, the comparisons from season to season and year to year will prove interesting.


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