Garden Log

After a short run of cold, foggy days we finally had a bit of warmer weather, and the garden seems to have responded immediately, churning out 20 oz of zucchini, 8.5 of cucumber, and 4.5 of tomatoes.

This is the first of the zucchini, although there are many more coming in right behind these. And a second (or third?) San Francisco Fog. The one I ate the other day was a bit mealy and flavorless. This one has a soft texture, but not unpleasant, and a bit more flavor. Still not what I’m looking for, but leaves room for hope. I’m cutting back the watering substantially, hoping that will improve flavor and texture.

The Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are still like candy. It’s all I can do to get them up to the kitchen to weigh before popping them into my mouth while still standing at the counter. Next year I’m going to plant at least two bushes, and move them against the south fenceline of the garden where they can be watered less. I made the mistake of putting them near the cucumber this year, which just suck up water. I also think they may be casting shade on the edamame beans, or I think they would be producing ripe pods by now.


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