10 Reasons to Love the Bookmobile… but still buy books.

I love the Bookmobile. Especially now that it is a shiny, clean one. I also love my Kindle.

How is it possible to love both? Peanut butter AND chocolate? Sweet and Sour? What if they’re better…together?

I’m an avid reader and I’ll be reviewing lots of books on this blog, on the subjects of cooking, gardening, farming, climate change, environmental science, and whatever else I feel like reading about. Most of them I probably checked out from the Bookmobile because it’s…free!!!

But, you can’t  make notes in them, you can only keep them for so long, and there are books that have long wait lists or aren’t available. So I’m a big fan of electronic books, too. When I review books on this site, I will always provide a link through to Amazon for the convenience of anyone who wants to purchase them. Purchasing books by clicking on links in this blog also supports my work! If you like what you’re reading, and you want to support me, consider doing it by purchasing through these links. I also hope you’ll continue to support your local library.

See you at the Bookmobile!

10 Reasons To Love The Bookmobile:

10. Because your kid will sit still for five minutes while you look–all of the kid books are along the bottom two shelves, so they’re instantly hooked. And it has wheels. Big wheels.

9. No one is seriously trying to read or study in the Bookmobile for the 5 more minutes it will be parked there, so no one will shush you while you’re discussing books. In fact, you may run into the neighbor who just checked out the copy of Omnivore’s Dilemma
or Tartine Bread you were looking for.

8. At some point, it’s probably parked close enough that you can bicycle or walk. You don’t have to drive to Redwood City or Half Moon Bay, or add an extra library stop to your “in-town” errand day.

7. You can have your books held online when you’re thinking about it, then pick them up at the Bookmobile.

6. You can pick up some 10-20 at the market while you’re there.

5. Did I mention that it is shiny and blue?

4. If you return your books to the Bookmobile, even if they’re late, you won’t be charged a fine. You might get a threatening letter from the library system asking you to pay for the book you lost, but if you give it back, you’re even. The only organization I’ve paid more fines to than Blockbuster is the public library system, so this makes me very happy.

3. You don’t have to keep the book! When you’re done, you give it back, and it doesn’t sit around taking up space. When you live in an extremely small house, this is a big deal.

2. Paved roads and emergency services are nice, but if you really want to *enjoy* your tax dollars at work, curl up with a free book.

1. Where else can you set your kid loose and tell them they can take  home as much as they want–and it won’t cost you a dime?

10 Reasons to Love The Kindle*:

10. Electronic books are somewhat cheaper than paper books. Not *enough* yet, mind you, especially since you can’t really pass your “copy” on to a friend. Hopefully prices will continue to come down, but there are also a lot of resources for free ebooks as well. This is a great blog to subscribe to on your Kindle: Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips

9. There’s no electronic glare on the screen in full sunlight, so you can still sit on your porch reading with your coffee “keeping an eye on the kid” while your husband retreats from the sun with his overheated iPad.

8. It doesn’t appear to “do” much, and most of the games require knowledge of reading and spelling, so anklebiters have very little interest in trying to play with it. Or husbands.

7. The battery lasts for-freaking-ever, so it’s still going even at 3 in the morning when you KNOW you should put it down and go to sleep. But you won’t.

6. It weighs hardly anything–about the same as a paperback Nancy Drew mystery, so no wrist cramps from those last couple of Harry Potters.

5. You could subscribe to THIS very blog on your Kindle, and be reading it in the comfort of your favorite chair, rather than sitting at your computer.

4. You can take as many notes as you want, then search through them easily to find that critical passage in Diet for a Hot Planet to support your points after dinner.

3. You can finally replace that stack of classics holding up the dust on your shelf with free, weightless digital copies: Best Free Books on Kindle

2. You can get any cover you want for it, so go sportyfeminine or masculine, Uptown
or down home.

1. No one has any idea what you’re really reading. So go ahead, get that New Yorker
cover and read all the Danielle Steele you want!


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