Garden Log: Gettin’ Comfy With Compost

Our first big frost of the season hit last night (okay, so it was really last week–it takes me awhile to edit and hit “publish”) so my garden was looking pretty pathetic. As the mist lifted this morning, the withered, blackened stalks of my few tender things were shivering in the cold, begging for a little bit more blanky. There were plenty of redwood leaves from the windstorm last week, so I spent some time making sure everyone was well covered.
I also went down to the veggie garden to check on my “fedge” and the potatoes I finally planted last week. 20111206-204049.jpg

We discovered and reclaimed the veggie garden area so late in the summer last year, this is going to be my first whack at spring crops in my very own garden. I’m going to be testing ‘Music’ garlic, ‘La Ratte’ fingerling potatoes and ‘Yukon Gold’ potatoes. Because I’m planning to reorganize a little to give tomatoes their best chance, I was kind of out of space until I decided to just plant the potatoes along one side of the pathway. I’ve already mulched the snot out of these paths, so once I managed to carve out a narrow trench for my seed potatoes, it was just a matter of letting everything fall back into place. We’ll see how they do!
While I was down in the garden, I laid out some newspaper I’ve been collecting, then spread a mix of one part ashes from the fire pit and two parts aged chicken manure from the neighbor’s chicken pen. I figured I needed a few “greens” since I had pulled most of the remaining squash and tomato plants out of the bed already. So I pulled up some of the stinging nettles that are always pushing in at the edges of the garden (I’ve been reading up a bit about biodynamic gardening, which recommends nettles at certain times. I have no idea if now is the right time, but my nettles just don’t wait.)


Then I covered the whole shooting match with a few inches of dried redwood leaves.


When I was done, it was hard to see where the bed ended and the path began. In this picture you can see a bit of the “fedge” in the background. Still looking green, but no growth yet.


Here’s a quick snap of my cut log border. Notice that even though this piece of wood was cut about six months or more ago, *it is starting to sprout baby redwoods*. You just can’t stop them, they’re like bamboo.


A neighbor was ripping out her roses and offered them for free, so I stuck some in near the grape vine. Even in this weather, they’re still doggedly trying to bloom.



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