When life gives you cheese tragedy, make soup!

What happens to your home cheese project when you forget about it for a week over the holidays:

The newly forming rinds stuck to the sushi mat, which keeps the baby cheeses up out of the moisture that condenses along the sides of the ripening container. Usually I remove the sushi mat as soon as I see the dull edge and hairs that hint of the first bloom. With all the socializing, houseguests, and constant flow of eggnog, beer, and crab I sort of–oops–forgot about my babies for a few days.
I was able to rescue two of them, but I’ll have to figure out what to do with the others. I love baked Brie, and I still have a jar of leftover French onion soup I made from my own beef stock (I have been a terrible vegetarian this month) so I’m about to put this in the oven:



2 thoughts on “When life gives you cheese tragedy, make soup!”

  1. Looks good!
    I made a batch of French Onion Soup myself a couple of weeks ago. I ate some of it but the recipe makes so much that I froze the rest of it in a zip lock bag. I also froze the Mozzarella Cheese – I’m hoping that the cheese will be okay when I thaw it out.

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