Bookmobile Reading List: Diet for a Hot Planet

So I usually pick a few light reads off the Bookmobile, maybe a new book of recipes, or some crafts. Recently I picked up Diet for a Hot Planet, which is NOT, as you might have guessed, a new eating plan designed to improve our view in public spaces.

It won’t make your neighbors gorgeous, but it IS surprisingly light and easily digestible, for such a heavy subject. Anna Lappe‘s 2010 book Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It puts together a clear picture, with lots of specific references (in footnotes, thank goodness), of the contribution agriculture makes to global warming. In particular, it contrasts the way typical commercial agriculture, especially livestock production, compares to organic and sustainable methods in terms of carbon footprint. I was afraid it was going to be depressing and alarmist like The Coming Famine, but instead I felt recharged. Why I even torture myself with books like that, I don’t know.

Instead, the message I took from Diet for a Hot Planet is “Yes, what I eat can make a difference! Not just in the size of my derriere and my neighbor’s, but in the health of our planet!” Every choice we make–including where we choose to shop–makes such an enormous difference, it’s hard to imagine that real change isn’t possible. Wow, the power. It makes me feel hungry. I think I need to go find something local and organic to eat…


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