Hollow log

More Adventures at the Hollow Log

Spring is beginning to unfold in the woods, and the first blossoms are emerging on bare branches, one of my biggest weaknesses. The pears everywhere are going crazy, and the woods are not immune. I originally drafted this post a week or so ago on my phone, then forgot about it, but these pictures were fun so had to share. Right now it is sloppy wet outside from all the rain.20120228-165451.jpg
We’ve been trying to get out to play at the Hollow Log a couple of times a week. My Striiv
usually clocks our walks at about 5-6,000 steps, depending on the tangents we take.

The clover is emerging everywhere, drawing out the deer.


I can never resist the little fresh bright green ones. It was cool to eat them in fifth grade science camp, and it’s still cool. Helen says they taste like “red” and that’s about the nearest description I’ve heard. It reminds me of the red hibiscus cooler at the taqueria.

Anyway, the deer love it, too, so we found lots of tracks like these.

I finally remembered to bring the iPhone camera lenses given to me for Christmas, so I played with the fisheye and telephoto lenses a bit. I also have a macro lens, so I took some closeups.

Here’s another of the roots of the Hollow log with the fish eye:

We even caught a banana slug napping.


We were having so much fun, we hardly realized what a workout we were getting. The Striiv has a limitless game where you build things on your little fantasy island with energy points you get by walking and completing challenges. Helen loves to help me collect coins from my island, and I frequently do stair challenges on the long flight between the Hollow Log and the restrooms next to the Old Swimming Hole. Helen is always urging me to do challenges so that she can press the button to make the plants grow on my island.

All the way back on our walk, she kept checking on our challenge to see how we were doing!


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