Inspiration from Garden Design Magazine

A great layered hedge design in Garden Design mag this week. Such a calming, peaceful alternative to fencing, and does more where there are two-story neighbors.


One thought on “Inspiration from Garden Design Magazine”

  1. Lovely!
    I also liked the Vertical Gardens. I wish our highway overpasses looked like that one in France!

    One of Blanc’s vertical gardens, installed on a highway overpass in 2008, is striking enough to stop traffic. Blanc writes in his book The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City that when building open air gardens in temperate regions like this one in southern France, he imitates a naturally occurring gradation: starting at the bottom with plants that would grow in an understory (ferns, Heuchera, Pilea, Iris japonica), then moving up the wall with plants from rocky slopes (hydrangeas, Bergenia, Sedum), and finishing at the top with plants from exposed cliffs (conifers, Cotoneaster, Berberis).

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