play date at Russian Ridge Open Space

Preschool at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

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What an extraordinary day we had exploring Russian Ridge! One of our member families lives up near the ridge and suggested a wheeled toy outing. So all the kids brought their scooters/trikes/bikes/push cars and we circled the lake.

The sun was out and the sky was absolutely beautiful–you feel like you’re right up in it, on the spine of the ridge. Quite cold, though–all the kids were wearing boots and multiple layers of shirts, sweaters, and wind shells. After visiting the grinding rocks where Ohlone women gathered to process their acorns into flour, we decided to head upward toward the sun.

The path around the lake is perfect for bikes and trikes, wide and relatively flat. The trail back up to the parking area from the grinding rocks was a little more eroded, but the kids did just fine. We crossed the road back to the lot and the kids decided to explore up the hill. After they all decided to roll down the hill, there was some quick tick-checking, and then a couple of us decided to explore further up the ridge.

The ridge trail was great for preschool age. Might have been a little steep and long for toddler, but the lake trail seemed to work great for the younger ones.

2 thoughts on “Preschool at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve”

  1. Very nice slide show!
    But I kept looking for a picture of the Lake you talked about and was disappointed to not find one.

    1. I’ll have to go back and snap more, but my hands were freezing, so I had to keep switching which was pushing the trike and which was in the pocket! Once we got out in the sun, it was warmer…

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