homemade camembert, raw milk cheese

Time for the daily turning of the cheese!


My little Camembert babies have to be flipped every day for the first week in order to develop their first bloom of mold properly. The black dusting is vegetable ash, which gives the surface more tooth for the mold to develop. The sushi mat keeps the bottom surface from sitting in any moisture on the bottom of the container.

3 thoughts on “Time for the daily turning of the cheese!”

    1. Oh, they’re delicious! Perfect stinky gym-shoe ripeness. I love making raw milk camembert, it tastes so much richer and more like I remember it tasting when I was a student in Paris.

  1. I didn’t know you studied in Paris?! How fabulous! You will have to tell me about that one day, I’ve always dreamed of studying something..well, anything, in Paris lol, it’s my favorite city!:) “Perfect stinky gym-shoe ripeness”? Umm..yum?;) Loving your blog, Kelly, I wish I had checked it out sooner.

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