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Renovating a Not-So-Lovely Old Dresser

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Where the hell have I been, and what have I been up to?

Well, kindergarten has started and I’ve been a very busy little bee! I’m finally getting around to all those projects I put off as Miss H and I made the most of our final weeks of summer. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more photos of my many projects, as I start to get everything buttoned up in the garden before the rains start.

A wonderful friend of ours gave us some Feng Shui tips for boosting our chi in this incredibly tiny house, so one of the things I’ve been doing–in addition to the near-constant decluttering–is trying to improve and better organize our storage. I plan to post more about that soon, but first I had to show off my lovely before-and-after. A few coats of primer and paint can work such amazing miracles!

Here’s the solid wood dresser I picked up off Craigslist for $45:

Ugly, with lots of potential.

Ugly, right? So dark! And the horrible brass handles! But NINE, count them, NINE spacious solid wood drawers! And standing on lovely little legs, so I can vacuum underneath! Can you tell how excited I was to finally find the shape I wanted, at a price I can stand? If dropping $600-$1000 on a brand new dresser from Pottery Barn is not in the cards for you, either, recycle! It’s amazing what people are trying to get rid of.

All you need in your grrl toolkit is a Random Orbit Sander. WAY less time and elbow grease involved! Every grrl should have power tools. In fact, if you want more tips for power tools, head on over to the store at Bowman Hall and look at the “In the Garden” section for some of my favorites.

Turned out I had to go to three different hardware stores to find handles that would fit the odd spread of the old brass ones–I should have just gone straight to Belmont Hardware, they always have EVERYTHING. Here’s what it looked like with a few coats of paint, and some new hardware. You can also admire the lovely old redwood plank floor I sanded and refinished all by myself about five years ago, when Miss H was just a couple of months old. When I discovered the wonder of having one’s very own random orbit sander:

A new life in white, with brushed nickel handles and knobs from Belmont Hardware.

2 thoughts on “Renovating a Not-So-Lovely Old Dresser”

  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful hardware (LOVE Belmont Hardware, too). And, oh, the breathtaking floors. The vacuuming possibilities are endless! I am inspired to do my own furniture. What a massive difference. There is no way pottery barn would let that go for less than $1500 at their best sale. Don’t you just LOVE lots of big drawers and empty surfaces? And a ridiculous bargain? *wiggling with happiness*

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