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Happy Thoughts on a Grey Day

It has been so cold and grey on the coast this week! And even though it is Compost Week here at Sweet Holliw Almanac, I can’t stand to leave a picture of my pile up as the lead photo. There’s a reason my pile is out behind a stand of redwoods! Here are some happy winter color photos to brighten the day instead: my hellebores blooming, and my gorgeous potted purple ornamental kale on the porch. Somehow the cold seems to make the purple brighter. Maybe that’s just me.

Early January Hellebores
The hellebores started blooming about a week ago, and soon the camellias will start! I love flowers, every month of the year!
Purple ornamental kale
A potted ornamental kale on my porch seems to glow brighter the colder it gets. Or maybe I’m just starved for color after a month of not much blooming.



3 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts on a Grey Day”

  1. I should have sent you a photo of my murdered cactus on my balcony last week. I left it out in the cold, and accomplished the supposedly impossible: cactucide. My last remaining houseplant. RIP Epstein.

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